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We're starting into a new era full of new features - so don't miss out on being a part of it.

With the idea of welcoming new player, we enabled some new zones to gain maximum experience and level in no time.

Solo Dungeons
Solo Dungeons last 15 minutes and can be repeated every 10 minutes. You can both gain experience and farm event items but there will be also the traditional drops.

Party Dungeons
A maze type dungeon in which you have 30 minutes to find the raid boss among hundreds of monsters that want to make your stay there a living hell. Ideal to play with your friends!

Clan Dungeons
For clans only where they can test their skills against four high lvl big bosses.

* Xp = 25x

* Sp = 25x

* Party Xp = 26x 

* Party Sp = 26x 

* Adena = 30x 

* Drop = 25x

* Spoil = 25x
* Fishing= 10x 

* Quests XP = 25x 

* Quests SP = 25x 

* Quests Adena = 25x 

* Castle Guard Price = 10x 

* Hellbound Points = 25x

* H5 Fully Updated.

8 Cores - 24 GB RAM Bandwith Unlimited, European Center - Awesome Ping, NO LAG


Server Status


New events on a frequent basis -as a start out we will give out Dynasty Armors for the next 90 days.

We're waiting for you,so don't fail to show up!

We would sincerely like to thank all the developers who make L2jserver possible, a crossroads of Open Source, Java and our favourite game. Without their non-profit contribution, this project would not have been possible. is not run for making any profit, it's operated on the desire to learn and to have fun. Staff