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Badges in Forum

Many of you all have noticed a few members with the new Forum badges. This badge is given to active members who are passionate about IsleOfPrayer, and are willing to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to community building in their forums. They are already Experts, this is by no means a prerequisite to being nominated as an Advanced Player. Candidates are carefully reviewed by the team before they are promoted. Nominees will also receieve a PM from a team member offering them the position.

Staff Members

Administrators and Game Masters.

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators, helping in forums.

Advanced Players

Expert IsleOfPrayer Players, helping in forums.

Advanced Players
As I mentioned above, they actively participate in community building within their forums. Some examples of this can include pinning important threads, starting and participating in discussions regarding the language and related topics, and organizing fun challenges and competitions for members to participate in.

Forum Moderators
Also take part in keeping their forums organized. In order to accomplish this, and are given a set of moderation tools allowing them to perform actions like adding code tags, renaming titles to be more descriptive, moving and merging threads, and hiding questionable content for moderator review.

More features are coming for Advanced Players!!