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Olympiad Points

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Olympiad Points

At the beginning of each Olympiad period, 18 points are equally awarded to all Noblesse, and 3 points each week thereafter. The loser’s Olympiad points are transferred to the winner upon completion of the competition. Competitors are able to check their current point status with the Grand Olympiad Manager.

At the end of competition, if a character has accumulated more than 50 Olympiad points, they can be exchanged for Noblesse Gate Passes. The rate of exchange is 1,000 Noblesse Gate Passes for 1 Olympiad point. For example, while 50 Olympiad points is exchangeable for 50,000 Noblesse Gate Passes, and 49 Olympiad points are not worth any Noblesse Gate Passes.

If you don't claim your Noblesse Gate Passes before start next period, you will lose the opportunity.

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