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Do you have an account with and don't remember the password for it anymore?
You can retrieve your password easily using
To reactive your account on our gameserver you either need your user name or your email address.

What happens if I have made several accounts with a fake email-address?
Perhaps you will remember the message during registration that an account without a real email adress cannot be properly handled. We only give support to account with a real email contact behind them to avoid possible conflicts of ownership of the account in question.

What happens if I have the account name and the password for it?
You can use any account normally if you have the account name and the corresponding password for it. However, it is advisable to have an alternative account with proper email behind it, if you want to send items or perform other actions. You cannot change the password on an account without email adress should the need arise to do so.

Important: One account - one email. Why?
On one account you can have as many as 7 characters.

The reason is that we have designed our web in such a way that all accounts with an existing email-contact can receive awards and participate in votations and offline events. For all of this a functioning email contact is necessary.

I have reactivated my account but upon login the gameserver gives me an error message.
Access to the gameserver will be restricted until September 15th, all other features of the web such as the forum are available.

Well, my account has been banned, so what?
On September 15th all accounts will be unbanned - general amnesty for all.

So I have reactivated my account and I am in game but I cannot post on the forum. Why?
You need a forum nick before being able to post on the forum.

What is a forum nick?
Our web uses your forum nick as an alias for your account. This serves as a protective measure against people trying to use your account on the gameserver without your consent.

The forum nick is only an alias and cannot be used fo login on the game server. Remember to differentiate them.

What if I have further questions?
If you have received an enmail telling you about the restart of the server, you already have an account with us. You can use this very email to reactivate your account. If you have any more questions, ask in our forums or drop us an email at